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Gung Ho

fabric designed around social causes

Gung Ho tailors its designs and prints to showcase social issues that deserve wider attention. So why follow the usual fashion seasons when we can follow something much more important?

The brand also cuts down on unnecessary packaging and avoids producing low quality throw-away fashion, focusing instead on timeless garments that can be worn again and again. As the world is waking up to the changes that the fashion industry needs to make in order to become more sustainable, Gun Ho is at the forefront of ethical practices while ensuring outstanding design remains centre stage. 

This year the brand chose to focus on "Food for Thought", making special pieces that are not widely sold and in limited batches. In every print they've designed a hidden message surrounding food sustainability. Who would have thought clothes could be this special?

Izzy Lane

animal welfare focused knitwear

Izzy Lane is an award winning luxury clothing brand with animal welfare at its core, using wool from sheep that were saved from slaugher.

All their wool comes from beautiful rescued sheep which live out their lives in peace in the Yorkshire Dales. The flock were once set to be killed and were rescued by the brand, an adorable mix of Shetlands and Wensleydales, known for their high quality coat of wool.

Izzy Lane is on a mission to help save the traditional British textile industry give animal welfare a real voice in fashion. 

Elvis & Kresse

craftsmanship and sustainable luxury

Elvis & Kresse focus on turning reclaimed materials into fantastic, one-off collections. It's hard to imagine that any of these items are made from materials such as London fire hose and military-grade parachute. The brand sets out to prove to the consumer that you should expect only the finest craftsmanship associated with sustainability. 

With coverage from the BBC and various other national outlets, Elvis & Kresse have been focused on sustainable luxury since 2005. The rescuing of raw materials allows them to transform them into luxury lifestyle accessories and donating 50% of profits back to charities.