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" Ethical living has never been solely about solar panels and eco-homes.
 A lot of it is in the small stuff and everyday decisions. "

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For Alice, it started with finding a fuzzy brush, made of a coconut palm, that you could use to wash your dishes. She thought if more people were aware of the options, who wouldn't want to choose eco-friendly alternatives like these?

Authentic House has its roots in Cardiff and sources our ideas from all over the UK (and sometimes beyond).

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They aim to keep you inspired on your path to ethical living and we hope to make it a whole lot easier with our collections. You may have seen them in GQ, Women’s Health, HuffPost and a whole lot more. For each box we plan, we aim to give you at least the value of the cost of your box, and more than that if we can.
Alice Ojeda - Sellers With A Story
All our products are made ethically by people who are paid fairly. We spend the majority of the price of your box on sourcing products for you and, while ethical products may cost more, more of that money goes into the quality of the product and the sustainability of how it is made.