Sophie Dunster - "The Conscious Designer"

The Conscious Designer - Water Wrap Dress (Sellers With A Story)
Why follow the usual fashion seasons when you can follow something more important. Sophie Dunster ("The Conscious Designer") opted to choose different social issues that need focus and attention. From Plastic Oceans and Precious Insects, to her newest range, Food for Thought. Sophie has set out to cut down on unnecessary packaging and avoid producing low-quality garments to be worn a handful of times. 
The Conscious Designer - Water Wrap Dress (Sellers With A Story)

The world has woken up to the changes and Sophie set out to ensure the outstanding design remains centre stage. Her father is a zero-carbon architect and sustainability is clearly at their core. The drawings and print on display have become a walking ‘talking point’ to her audience. In short, fashion shouldn’t just make you look good but showcase your values too.

The Conscious Designer - Sophie Dunster
All garments come with a dinky minizine explaining the issue within the print, its importance and what you can do to help. This means the next time someone compliments you on what you are wearing, you have more to say than just 'thanks'. Let's inspire and get people talking through design. We call this, wearing your heart on your sleeve - after all, we're more than just a pretty face and fashion should showcase your values too. 10% of our profits go back to a charity that works with that issue, in this case, SeedsShare, a London-based non-profit working to provide organic and in-season seeds to farmers and home growers around the globe.