Women's Crew Neck Sweater - Burgundy / Grey Marl – Sellers With A Story
Women's Crew Neck Sweater - Burgundy / Grey Marl

Women's Crew Neck Sweater - Burgundy / Grey Marl

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Having spent time looking around the High Street I found very little British wool. Most was imported from Australasia and dubious animal welfare practices were an unfortunate reality. My mission was to find wool from sheep which would not be killed. The only way forward would be to have my own flock. I wouldn’t breed them, but I would rescue them, i.e. if it was going to be killed, I would take it. I focused on Shetlands and Wensleydales for the quality of their wool.

To this day I aim to help save the British textile industry and - closer to my heart – give animals a voice in fashion. Our collections have been exhibited at London Fashion Week and in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and Las Vegas and in a catwalk for the Queen. Our wool comes from our beautiful sheep which will live out their lives in peace here in the Yorkshire Dales.

Crew neck, female raglan sweater with relaxed fit, in the soft Shetland wool from our flock. Made in Britain on a traditional handmade loom.