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Our Story



Put simply, our view is that "less is more" when it comes to countless products that all look the same. And, having spoken to vast numbers of people the number one element that seems to be missing is "an authentic story".

Georgina & Annabel  Sophie

It's out mission at Sellers With A Story to take our time to find rare and ethical producers, manufacturers and designers. It is these touching and profound product stories that we house under one roof. 

Our high standards for partnering with these fantastic product ranges must be equally matched in style and design. We made a promise to showcase truly ethical practices that sit behind the outstanding design on show.  

Alice Izzy

Each time you purchase through our catalogue, you vote for the story, ethics and seller that matters most to you. 

No PR spin and click-bait marketing. It takes us days, weeks and months to find these sellers and it is you that determines who we go out and find.