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We're Sellers With A Story, the one location to find a thoughtful story behind every item. Sellers With A Story was founded by me, Elliot and is the outcome of hundreds of our community (including you) letting us know what you wanted most.

 You may be surprised to hear that I have never enjoyed online shopping. Yes, you read that right. So, the leading reason for our platform's existence is to save you time when searching for genuinely thoughtful and hard-to-find stories that sit behind some of the best emerging brands.

 We are huge believers in the "buy less, buy better" movement, and our job is to bring the stylish and hidden gems (and their beautiful stories) onto one platform. 


Our Promise

Sellers With A Story is a big advocate of conscious consumption, and we stand by the idea that "less is more". Unfortunately, we both know that just because an item/brand says they want the same, it does not mean you are buying the very best in quality (regardless of their positive intentions). So, we want you to feel at ease and trust our curation process, where we carefully select the very best (independent) stories for you to shop.  

With have very high standards in how we partner with our brands. Every designer, maker, artisan and creator has to showcase style, authenticity and a heart-warming spirit. 

If you ever want to speak to me (i.e. no automated systems, bots, etc.), feel free to drop me a line directly at elliot@sellerswithastory.com.


You are always welcome!