Pure Earth Collection

Organic Cotton Fabric | Blackout Blinds



  • 100% organic cotton fabric with safe and non-toxic dyes

  • Our fabric is totally natural with no PVC, meaning, unlike many conventional black out blinds, it's safe to leave up in direct sunlight and won't leach chemicals into the air

  • Versatile, size adjusting blackout blinds to fit almost any window with 9 movable super sticky suction cups to ensure a close fit to the glass, blocking out maximum light

  • High performance suction cups which stick easily (no licking required!!)

  • Easy to fold away and store

  • Comes in a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage and travel


  • Dimensions: 130cm x 200cm

  • Dimensions (folded in travel bag): 32cm x 43cm

  • Weight: Approximately 1kg


  • GOTS certified organic cotton

  • Block out majority of light but please note, as we don't use any artificial coatings or synthetic fabrics, a very minimal amount of light may penetrate the blinds when in direct sunlight. They achieve around 95% darkness (which is dark enough to need a torch or other light source to navigate the bedroom when the blinds are correctly in place!).

  • NOT FOR USE AS A TOY OR BLANKET. For intended purpose only

  • If needed, remove suction cups and hand wash (regular washing not recommended)

  • In the unlikely event that suction cups don't stick, it's probably because there's a bit of oil or grease on the window. Wipe the window area and suction cup with a wet wipe and try again. For extreme grease, you can wash suction cup with water and soap.

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