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Botanical Mushroom Tee - White Organic Cotton T-Shirt


Unisex, super soft organic cotton white t shirt with mushroom graphic design.

Printed with environmentally friendly water based inks!

Here at Artful Sonder we absolutely love mushrooms, they’re an incredible source of food and medicine and there’s still so much to learn about them!

The mushrooms featured on this tee have been selected for their amazing properties, here are the types of mushrooms we’ve included:

  • ChestnutThe classic tasty mushroom you’ll find at your local shop.
  • Pestalotiopsis Microspora A mushroom that eats plastic!
  • Amadou and Reishi / Fomes and Ganoderma – Mushrooms that save the bees, extracts from these mushrooms have been given to bees to fight deadly viruses!
  • Psilocybin Mushroom – Or the ‘magic mushroom’
  • The Berserker Mushroom – Vikings used these before fighting and it’s where the term ‘berserk’ came from...the more you know!

Special shout out to Paul Stamets, the king of mushrooms, check him out if you want to learn more!

Not sure what size to choose? Check out our size guide here.


  • Screen printed with water based inks
  • Printed on super soft organic cotton t shirts that are GOT approved, ethically traded and carbon neutral
  • Delivered to you in plastic free packaging
  • This purchase will plant 2 trees!

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