My Moths Unisex Sweatshirt

£49 £65

This unisex sweatshirt, in beautiful warm colours and moth details, reminding of those beautiful fields full of pretty flowers and butterflies during the spring, is perfect for a unique look, either for a smart or a casual style, the colours look great with any bottom.

You will look so stylish with our 100% organic cotton pullover, with a quirky touch. Stand out of the crowd with this amazing exclusive design from Dedais. Only a few have been made, so you will be one of the lucky people wearing this one of a kind piece.

If you would like to turn heads and go beyond the ordinary, check our matching outfits, both for adults and kids.

Dedais styles are fit-to-size for a comfortable fit. Carefully cut and handcrafted using 100% GOTS certified organic fabrics. The texture is extremely soft and pleasant to wear. Designed for maximum comfort for the children.


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