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We set out to drive change in the ethical design and production of jewellery. We wanted to show how beautiful, empowering, and profound jewellery can be when ethical (and transparent) practices are a must!

The first piece of the puzzle is to remove the burden from the consumer. In other words, we offer luxury, quality and style that rivals what you have come to love. There should be no trade-off to what "ethical" consumerism means and hence why we provide the perfect blend of statement pieces and classic designs.

The ‘Design?’

The Orbit bracelet is inspired by the awe inspiring solar system. The long days of summer encourage us to look up and see the skies above us. The witching hour of a summer’s evening illustrates the mystery of the night sky.

A great gift for yourself or for your loved one with symbolic meaning. Looks great on its own and even better stacked up.  Match with more silver or mix this in with your rose gold and yellow gold bracelets. This timeless bracelet is perfect for every season. Wear one on its own or stack them up with your other jewellery, they will always be a chic way to dress up your outfit.

The Contents

Australian pearl set with silver rings on each side threaded on to a wire designed in an open cuff look.

These bracelets are also finished with our signature discs.

Also available in vermeil rose gold, yellow gold and rhodium plating for a modern update.


The Delivery

FREE Delivery over £75 to the UK

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes, we do! Please note that due to COVID-19 there may be slight delays in your order.

Do you cover import taxes for international orders?

All International taxes and duties charges will not be covered by the seller. 


Refunds, Returns and Other Information

Refund, returns and other information is found on the checkout page.


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