Pine Green Face Mask



When you want a more subtle mask we've made a reusable face mask from our temperature regulation and odour control Recycled & Trees Pine Green fabric.

The masks feature elasticated ear loops, double layers of fabric and the ability to add a filter for extra protection if you wish.

Non-medical face masks are encouraged to be worn to help maintain social distancing requirements. They help to reduce the spread of germs but only offer a minimal physical barrier if used alone

Our face masks are not a replacement for a professional medical mask. 

Due to hygienic reasons, our masks are excluded from returns.

Asmuss fabric benefit symbols for their recycled and trees fabric.  The fabric is sustainably made from blend of recycled post consumer waste and Tencel from sustainably harvested trees. It has odour control properties to reduce the amount of washing required. It has temperature regulating properties to help keep you feeling comfortable.

Asmuss makes clothing thoughtfully, consciously and that withstands time and wear. It does no harm to the many hands that made it, from origin to hanger. It has nothing to hide and treads lightly on the earth. As part of our love of travel, interacting with different cultures and people, we respect the places we visit and the people we meet.  

We are not perfect but will continue to explore ways in which we can develop and innovate our clothing while treading lightly on the earth.

Sellers With A Story - Founders - Asmuss

Inspired By Women, For Women

Named Asmuss in honour of the sisters’ maternal grandmother- Evelyn Asmuss - the brand features a further nod to its namesake, with the Evelyn rose a recurring motif on prints and embroidery throughout the range.

The abstract geometric elements of the signature bloom are a melting pot of influences- the multiple triangles found within the pattern were inspired by a visit to craft and textile artist Anni Albers’ exhibit at the Tate Modern, accompanied by their tapestry artist mother Jan. The sisters cite their mother’s and grandmother’s natural style and adventurous spirits as enduring influences for the brand. With every generation considered during the design process Asmuss aims for a truly inclusive approach; that’s designed for women, by women.


Small Batches

We produce our clothing in small amounts, which uses less energy and reduces waste. It allows us to have more control over the materials used and ensures we can check the quality of the garments 100% so the customers know each piece is made to the highest standard.

No Retouching

We make clothing for women so the models we choose to work with are no smaller than a size 10. We don't retouch the models or our clothing so you know what you see is what you will get.  The models, locations, makeup artists and photographer are brilliant so no need to mess with natural beauty.

 If you are observant you may have noticed that the Asmuss co-founder and designer, Clare, was the model in our floral photo shoot.  Although she may have wanted a few re-touches there was none made to the clothing or model. Clare was also the photographer (stylist, make-up artist and assistant) and the shoot took place in her home under lockdown the background removed.



Designed to Last

With a background in textiles science and design, Clare saw first-hand the devastating toll fast fashion was, and is, having on the environment, and set out to create a brand where things are done differently.

 From fibres to final packaging, the Asmuss collection is designed to be kind to your body, the environment, and the people making your clothes.


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