Skulls Organic Women's Dress Shirt


This amazing dress shirt, with Skulls and Roses on a pink background and a Geometric pattern (on sleeves and collar) is perfect for a unique look, either for a smart event or just for a casual style, the colours look great with any bottom. You can wear it either as a shirt, combining it with your favourite jeans or trousers, or as a below-the-knee dress.

You will look elegant with our 100% organic cotton shirt, with a quirky touch. Stand out of the crowd with this amazing exclusive design from Dedais. Only a few have been made, so you will be one of the lucky people wearing this one of a kind piece.

If you would like to turn heads and go beyond the ordinary, check our matching outfits, both for adults and kids.

Dedais dress shirts are one size: loose size S, regular size M and fitted size L. Model is size S (height: 160 cm). Dedais designs are carefully cut and handcrafted using high quality 100% GOTS certified organic fabrics, meticulously chosen to create a durable garment that would last a lifetime.


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