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2021 COVID-19 Kickstart Grant Winner


Uxia Bag

£110 £157


Uxia bag is ethically made through a traditional method in Portugal. The bag is made of hand-woven reed.

Uxia bag has a removable leather strap. It can either be used as a handbag or a crossbody bag. Perfect for a parent-child matching style. 


- Handwoven organic reed

- Full vegetable-tanned leather

- Toxic-free metal pieces


- Small: W17cm x H14cm x D10cm

- Large: W25cm x H20cm x D14cm


Cleaning: Use a slightly damp cloth and wipe gently, avoiding the leather parts. A few drops of oil can be used

Maintenance: Repeat process every month or when required

Storage: Keep in a dry place. Humidity can cause mould, as the bag is made of a natural material. If this happens, place bag in a dry place for 2 to 3 days. Then remove the mould by brushing it gently

Nude leather only: Nude leather is undyed. If exposed to sunlight it will change colour

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